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AOB Classifieds

In an effort to assist parishes and schools the Archdiocese of Baltimore announced the launching of the AOB Classifieds website by the Division of Information Technology. The AOB Classifieds website will allow parishes, schools and administrative offices of the Archdiocese of Baltimore to view and post unused resources that may benefit another organization in the Archdiocese. The AOB Classifieds operates like a Digital Swap Meet using web technology to browse and request items for a school or parish and to post excess usable equipment and items for use by other parishes and schools.

Browse the AOB Classifieds to see items that have already been posted. If your school or parish is interested in posting unused items to the AOB Classifieds request your free account.

For more information or assistance using the website call the archdiocesan Help Desk at 410-547-5305, option 1 or send an email.