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Funded Ministries and Initiatives


A longstanding Appeal partner, Prison Ministry challenges us to walk alongside youth and adults who are incarcerated. Let us, as their Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ, accompany prisoners in their everyday experience of rejection, isolation, separation, and loneliness.

Last year the Appeal provided over $400,000 for Vocations support.

"Being a Seminarian has been a very humbling experience. It has been an opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ and one another in new and profound ways. As a Seminarian, I have learned how to deeply unite with other people in prayer and solidarity as we journey in the life in the hope of our heavenly dwelling with God. I know all Seminarians (including me) are most grateful for prayers as we journey toward priesthood and become missionaries of mercy who bring the sacramental presence of Christ to others."

- Matthew Himes, Seminarian, St. Mark, Fallston