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Elementary Catechesis

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Catechesis in the Catholic Schools and Parish Faith Formation Programs are guided by the Archdiocesan Curriculum Guidelines, Bringing Good News:

The Christian Family

"With the Christian family, parents are the primary educators in the faith and 'the first heralds of the faith with regard to their children.' But all the members make up the family, and each can make a unique contribution to creating the basic environment in which a sense of God's loving presence is awakened and faith in Jesus Christ is confessed, encouraged, and lived." (National Directory for Catechesis)

Pope Francis urges us to teach the faith with enthusiasm and joy!

"Even if at times it may be difficult and require a great deal of work, and although the results are not always what we hope for, teaching the faith is something beautiful! It is perhaps the best legacy we can pass on!" (Sept. 27, 2013)

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Christ the Pantocrator

"The Church, and in her name, every catechist can say with truth: 'My teaching is not from myself; it comes from the One who sent me' (Jn7:16)." General Directory for Catechesis #98