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Respect Life

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Welcome to the Archdiocese of Baltimore Respect Life Office

How YOU Can Build a Culture of Life



Archbishop Lori HomilyPlease use this web site as a resource to learn about the right to life the Church's commitment to protect the sanctity of human life at all its stages, and how you can fight to preserve the right to life for all human beings. The Archdiocese of Baltimore is blessed to work with Archdiocesan Respect Life Committee, Respect Life Committees at the parishes and schools, and the many pro-life groups in Maryland.

"We seek to protect religious liberty . . . . because we are lovers of a human dignity that was fashioned and imparted not by the government but by the Creator. We defend religious liberty because we are lovers of every human person, seeing in the face of every man and woman also the face of Christ, who loved us to the very end and who calls on us to love and serve our neighbor with the same love he has bestowed on us"

- Archbishop William Lori, Installation Homily (May 2012)



a SPOTLIGHT on . . . . Legislative Advocacy

We are called to be faithful citizens! 

Bible and flagThere are universal truths that are recognized by all people of good will and that are shared across all faiths and cultures. The most basic truth is the dignity of the human person. This truth is of such fundamental importance that it touches almost every aspect of public policy, from laws against murder and racial discrimination, to the right to food and shelter, to access to education and health care. The Church has a legal right and a moral obligation to defend these truths throughout our culture, including in the public policy arena.

The Maryland Catholic Conference advocates for the Church's public policy positions before the Maryland General Assembly and other civil officials.

What you can (and should!) do: