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Links to Charismatic Organizations and Ministries of Interest

National Service Committee

The U.S. Catholic Charismatic National Service Committee is comprised of leaders from around the country who join together to sense what the Holy Spirit is doing and to foster the dynamic grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5) which empowered the members of the early Church at Pentecost. They organize teams of speakers who are able to give regional conferences on a variety of topics designed to strengthen local groups. Additionally they provide a quality national leaders' conference in various sites around the nation on a yearly basis, publish the magazine Pentecost Today, publish an Intercessory prayer newsletter and a general e-newsletter (see below). Many inexpensive pamphlets on different aspects of the Christian life as influenced by the Charismatic Renewal can be ordered from their website.

They are initiating a plan for the five years coming up to the 50TH ANNIVERSARY of the 1967 "Duquesne Weekend" which was the beginning of Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church.

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