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Baltimore Outreach Program


  • To reach out to those in need
  • To promote church-to-church solidarity
  • To build bonds of faith among Catholic communities
  • To positively impact the living conditions of the poor


The Baltimore Outreach Program (BOP) officially started in 2001 with Haiti after visiting the Diocese of Gonaives and exploring with the Bishop various opportunities for a relationship and potential initiatives. The success of this program over the years gave impetus to the Archdiocese to identify other areas in need in this country and elsewhere in order to extend our missionary activities to these regions. In 2007, a mission trip was organized to the Diocese of Chalatenango in El Salvador. In 2010, a trip was organized to the Father Beiting Appalachian Mission Center in Louisa, Kentucky. 

It is our hope to entertain dialogue and get involved in any community in need in the US or abroad, compatible with our faith, our mission, and our overall goals and objectives.

Click here for more information on our Outreach Projects in Haiti!

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