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Superintendent of Schools

Dr. EdmondsonDr. Barbara McGraw Edmondson, Superintendent of Catholic Schools

As Superintendent of Catholic Schools, I am honored to serve the many families who entrust their children's education to a Catholic school.  It is truly a gift to lead a school community rooted in the tenets of our faith and the pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence.  With guidance and oversight from the Archdiocesan School Board, the Department of Catholic Schools strives to strengthen our schools, combining the best of tradition with the innovations and demands of the 21st Century.  The work is challenging, but ever so rewarding.

In an information and technology-rich era, Catholic schools stand out in their mission to nurture an individual's unique gifts and talents. A Catholic school education – centered in the person of Jesus Christ - cultivates faith and reason so children grow into young adults who are articulate, creative, critical thinkers and problem solvers.  Our graduates embrace higher education and as a result make significant contributions in the fields of law, medicine, government, non-profit, and business.  And they do so with the understanding that each of us has a God-given responsibility to care for the world and each other. 

To paint a picture of our mission, an unforgettable event comes to mind.  At a reception hosted by national Catholic education leaders, I entered a room filled with noise and excitement and quickly realized that the venue was graced with the laughter of children who were posing for a group photo.  The front row of students posed and smiling was proudly holding a very prominent sign.  The sign read: Prepared for College and Heaven!  I was struck by both the simplicity and the power of this statement for in two words COLLEGE and HEAVEN the core mission of our Catholic Schools was captured!   

Catholic school students have been given the gifts of curiosity and intellect.  They demonstrate great initiative, perseverance and a commitment to excellence in all of their endeavors.  A Catholic education is an experience that challenges and calls young people to walk with Christ and to see and care for His people with the faithful belief that your love for others will prepare a special place for you in heaven.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to each and every one of you for considering and/or choosing a Catholic school and your ongoing commitment to providing the best education for your child.  Whether you have experience with Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore or are new to our schools, I invite you to witness the Catholic school difference! 

In Christ,

Dr. Barbara McGraw Edmondson

Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Archdiocese of Baltimore
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